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SUPER TOP SHELF!! Skunkhouse Genetics are the ones responsible for all of the burger strains that you have been seeing pop up around Oregon and California. The Donny Burger strain is one of the newer genetic variations on their popular Han Solo Burger. By crossing GMO with their Han Solo Burger you get a charged-up indica-dominant hybrid. OLCC licensed micro tier growers Left Coast Farms have taken this new and savory strain and put their magic touch on it. The result is quite a potent strain that offers a wealth of effects.

Half of the Han Solo Burger strain already comes from a GMO parent (the other half is Larry OG.) So by taking the Han Solo and breeding it with GMO again, you get a sweet, high octane version of the cultivar that’s spicy as hell I’ll tell you what. Looking at the buds you see hints of darker coloration that’s offset by a nice green hue that the light orange pistils contrast with classically. The trichomes weren’t huge but present nonetheless. What really stands out with this strain are the terps, this weed stinks like spicy cheese soaked in gas and sprinkled with sugar.

Cracking the nug open, I felt like Chester the Cheetah because I got lost in the cheesiest of sauces. On the surface, I was picking up a spicy, lemony scent, but within was where I found the cheesy filling. The main terpenes I think are dominant in this strain are caryophyllene, myrcene, and limonene—in that order.

Donny Burger - (GMO x Han Solo Burger)