Lovely Hash Company Rosin Powered By Zkittlez in Modified Grapes as pictured. Purple and frosty like the finest of Cannabis delicacies, the Modified Grapes cut delivers in all categories as a strain worthy of royal treatment.There’s a glamorous feeling to plucking a juicy grape off a vine, and that’s exactly how it feels selecting beautiful nuggets of this strain from a topped off jar. Popping the lid reveals a uniquely pungent combination of salty garlic fuel, with a fizzy berry punch flavor in the background. It’s the kind of strain that marries two opposite flavor profiles in perfect harmony – even if somewhat of an odd couple.The Modified Grapes is a cross between the powerful GMO and the milder, but nonetheless fruity flavored, Purple Punch. Both strains have been immensely popular in the last few years, making this cross by Symbiotic Genetics an immediate winner. The phenotype selected by Mt. Baker Gardens is full of flavor and highlighted with striking good looks. Needless to say, we couldn’t wait to rip into a bowl.Snapping a bud reveals complete trichome coverage with a medium-light density and a careful cure. The attention to detail can be tasted in the first whisper clean inhale that exits with minimal cough or expansion.First flavors to hit the palate are fruity and light, with a hint of the deeper garlic-cookies flavor as the smoke exits, warming the body from the chest outward.

Lovely Hash Company - Modified Grapes