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King Louie Plug Play

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PLUGplay debuts its King Louie Xlll in the DNA line. Experience the spicy terpene profile of the original cultivar as pine, and sour aromatics fill the air with every exhale. King Louis XIII cannabinoids deliver muscle relaxation and ease tension as your consciousness lulls and wanders to sleep.

DNA™ (short for Daytime, Nighttime, and Anytime) plugs are carefully crafted with original strain terpenes for their reputable taste and recognized effects. All Daytime plugs are infused with SATIVA dominant strains, Nighttime with INDICA dominant strains, and Anytime with HYBRID strains.

DISCLAIMER: A spent cannabis cartridge shall be properly disposed of as hazardous waste at a household hazardous waste collection facility or other approved facility. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Plug Play -King Louie

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