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Purple Wookie, also known as "Purple Wookies" is a popular indica marijuana strain made by crossing Purple Unicorn with Wookie #15. The effects of Purple Wookie feel psychedelic. Consumers say this strain makes them feel like they are walking through a pleasant dream. Eventually, this euphoria eases into a deep relaxation that ends in couch lock. With continued use, Purple Wookie can be extremely sedating. This strain features a berry-forward flavor profile with undertones that are earthy, pungent, and sour. Purple Wookie THC content ranges depending on the grower and can range from 11% to 20% THC with a small percentage of CBD. Medical marijuana patients tell us Purple Wookie helps them with pain management. According to growers, this strain flowers into tall and very pointy nugs with dark purple foliage that almost looks black when contrasted against its dark orange hairs.

Purple Wookie - Strong!!