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Pancakes Kive Resin Badder by Dank Concentrates, 7 Grams $100, feel free to mix and match at same price point. Pancakes is a hybrid marijuana strain bred by Cookies and Seed Junkie Genetics. Pancakes is named after its delicious flavor and aroma which happens to smell just like a warm plate of pancakes. When smoking this strain, you'll experience a flavor profile that combines the taste of buttered, sweet berries and the batter-like smell of pancakes. The high you get from smoking Pancakes can be described as a relaxing head high. The buds from this strain are short and bulky, with shades of golden brown that are brightened by frosty trichomes. Medical marijuana patients choose Pancakes to help fight symptoms related to chronic stress and anxiety.

Pancakes Badder By Dank Concentrates

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