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CBD - 50mg - THC 2mg. 

Anxiety Sufferers Rejoice! An Edible that Won’t Make you Crazy. I am very sensitive to the taste of cannabis when I’m eating it, and I truly, do not like it. But, edibles are super effective and highly potent. Basically, they are fun as heck if you can manage to get them down.The Pure CBD Chew is unique because it is a completely non-psychoactive therefore making this a perfect medicinal product. With the wonderful effects of CBD and none of the effects of THC, this edible is probably the safest one for any newbie to try. CBD is most effective when combined with a small amount of THC, hence the 2mg of THC found in the Pure CBD Chew. This is not enough to produce any psychoactive effect. I recommend starting with the entire chew, 50mg is a standard dosage. However, if you are a little hesitant of how your body will react, try eating half. I think this is a fabulous starter edible for any medicinal patient, and is a wonderful choice for anyone looking to naturally treat their conditions without being stoned to the bone. Highly recommended.

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