A potent combination of all natural ingredients suspended in Pure Emu Oil along with Organic pineapple Extracts for ultimate bioavailable delivery. Formulated to strengthen cognitive function, focus, and concentration. Overall well being is improved with regular use by creating a sense of calm, reducing mild anxiety, and encouraging restful sleep. Holistically pairing these all natural ingredients and Emu Oil fortify optimal health by boosting the immune system, encouraging natural detoxification, and promoting a healthy lining of the digestive tract.    Directions for use: Shake well before use as pure ingredients naturally separate. Place 5 drops under the tongue (sublingually) up to three times a day or as recommended by healthcare practitioner. Hold under tongue for 20 seconds before swallowing. Store at room temperature. Does not contain THC. Other Ingredients: Pure Emu Oil & Pineapple extract. Gluten-Free

Aponi Elixir 500/Pineapple